Frequently Asked Questions
Service Related

1. What services does Lavado provide?
At Lavado, it is all about convenience! We launder, dry clean, steam iron your garments, and  neatly  fold  (or  not,  if  you  prefer  on  hanger)  the  garments  in  dust  resistant packaging. We pick the garments at  your doorstep and deliver  it back to  your  chosen date & time.


2. Where are you currently providing your services?
We provide services at Andheri East (400076, 400072, 400093), Bhandup West (400078), Kanjurmarg West, Marol-Sakinaka (400069), Mulund West (400080), Powai(400076) & Vikroli East & West (400079, 400075, 400086) .


3. How can I provide feedback?
We love to hear from our patrons. Your opinion is highly valuable to us. At the end of every  service  you  will  receive  a  feedback  form  to  provide  your  valuable  feedback. Another way is to simply pick up the phone and ring us at 8080454454 or write to us at [email protected]

Order Related

1. How do I place my order?
We highly recommend creating an account on our website to help us know you better. You can sign up using Facebook, Gmail or your email ID. Once you are logged in, click “Schedule a pickup” to begin with your order.  You can also place an order as guest by calling us on 8080‐454‐454


2. What to expect once I place my order?
Lavado assigns a pick‐up representative who will come at your selected date & location within  the  time  slot  specified  by  you.  Our  pick‐up  representatives  will  have  various laundry  bags for  different services to suit  your  needs.  Just  hand  over the  garments, specify  what service  is required  and  whether  you  prefer the  garments returned  on  a hanger or folded. Our representative will then confirm the number of garments in. After that, it is all smooth sailing Caribbean blue waters. Meaning, we will take care of it!


3. How will you take care of my clothes?
Like it’s our own! We have well trained experts handling the clothes at every step. Post collection they go in for first around of inspection, spotting & stain removal, then separated according to the service required & colour of the garment. Similar garments are cleaned together. We use the international quality equipment & solvents. Then another round of inspection is conducted, post approval they go into ironing and once the final round of inspection is done they will be neatly packed & made ready for delivery. Our customized van carries the garments very carefully so that there is minimum to no wrinkles at the time of delivery.


4. Do I need to specify wet wash clothes from dry clean?
As you hand over the garments, please mention the service you required to our pick‐up representative and he will then place it in the respective bag. You can surely specify if you want wet wash or dry clean & folded or on hanger.


5. When will the clothes be returned?
Your  clothes  will  be ready  for  delivery  within  48  hours  and  will  be  delivered  at  your convenient date & time.


6. How to reschedule the order?
Once you register with us, just go to “My Cleaning” but if you placed the order as guest then  please  call  us  on  8080454454  and  we  shall  make  the  necessary  updates. Rescheduling two hours prior to the delivery will cost Rs60 or we can deliver it with the next set of your garments for free.


7. Is there any minimum order?
For orders amounting less than Rs 300 there will be a delivery charge of Rs 60. However, for our regular  customers, if your total bill amount  crosses Rs3500 in 30 days then all delivery charges will be reimbursed.


8. What about offers & promotional codes?
Lavado frequently introduces attractive offers and promotional codes from time to time. Register with a valid email id to receive them directly in your email.


9. How can I track my order?
We are usually very good at keeping you updated on your order through SMS and Email notifications. However, if you are registered with us and have an account at Lavado, you can always track your orders yourself through our website in the ‘My cleaning’ section. Please  note that this facility  is  only  available to  our registered members.  If  you  have placed your order as guest, please call us at 8080454454 to receive status updates on your order.

Cleaning related

1. What is the difference between launder & dry clean?
Launder  is  washing  the  garments  in  commercial  washing  machine  using  water  and detergent followed  by  drying  and  ironing,  whereas  dry  clean  is the  use  of  non‐water based  solvents,  which  protects  the  garments  from  any  shrinkage  or  other  related damages.


2. What happens to the clothes after handing it over to Lavado representatives?
Your garments are kept in the assigned laundry bags, which reaches Lavado warehouse where each garment is treated individually. Our experts examine, clean, iron, neatly fold &  place  the  clothes  in  dust  resistant  material.  They  are  placed  in  our  customized delivery van to be dropped back to you.


3. Will dry clean be able to remove all the stains?
There are multiple types of stain, and they affect your garment in different ways. The stains that change the dye of the original fabric thread cannot be removed. Our experts handle your garments with utmost care, proper spotting and pre‐treatment procedures, however  we  do  not  give  any  guarantee  of  stain  removal.  We  stop  processing  the garment further if it can damage the fabric and notify you once we return the garment back.


4. How will my garments be returned?
The  garments  after  being  processed  are  neatly  folded  or  hung  and  placed  in  dust resistant  covers. Garments  are then  loaded  in our  customized  van. Once this  is done, Lavado  representatives  drop  your  orders  at  your  chosen  location  at  a  time  of  your convenience.


5. Would you be able to clean my delicate/heavily‐embellished garments?
Yes, we do clean delicate and heavily embellished garments however the processing of any such garment may require more than usual time in this case we will notify you. Just in case the garment is too venerable, it might be returned unprocessed.

Payment related

1. How can I make payments?
To make it as convenient to you as possible, Lavado offers different options for you to make the payment. You can choose between online payment, cash on delivery (COD) or swipe your card at the time of delivery.


2. When do I pay for my order?
You only pay after your garments are ready to be delivered. If you want to pay cash on delivery  (COD)  just  pay  the  full  amount  of  the  order  invoice  to  our  Lavado representative when they come back to return your garments. Our representatives will always have necessary equipment in case you need to swipe your card. If you wish to make a payment online, click on the link provided in the email along with the invoice.

Policy related

1. What are your usual business hours?
Pick‐up & delivery is available from 9 am to 9 pm (all days), whereas the call center is operational from 10 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday).


2. Why was the garment returned without cleaning?
The  garment  may  have  been  at  risk  of  being  damaged  if  processed,  hence  returned without cleaning.  There will always be a note with your returned garments explaining the cause.


3. Would Lavado re‐clean if the stains are not gone?
We take utmost  care and have  various quality  checkpoints but just in  case something slipped our expert’s eye we are happy to reprocess at no additional cost.


4. What happens if there was any loss/damage to the garment?
We are extremely careful with your garments but in the event of any loss/damage to the garment, we shall send our pickup representative to collect the garment. After thorough inspection and possible  corrective measures if the garment  can’t be restored we shall reimburse 10 times the service cost or a maximum of Rs 2000, if informed within 72 hrs of delivery. However, we will keep the damaged garment so that we can mend it and donate it.


5. Can I refer friends and family to Lavado?
We get very happy when our patrons compliment us. If you like our service, please refer us to your family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors. For every referred  customer that places their first order, both you and your referred will earn 150 Lavado credits.